Latin Dancing with the Stars

Video: Footage from a “Winterfest” Benefit

Lane Hiers and Juan Escovedo

     When our dance exhibition teams enter, you will enjoy first hand the fabulous rhythm and dance movements of the Merengue, the Mambo and the Cha-Cha. Not to be outdone, our second exhibition dance team enters to add fabulous excitement to the Rhumba and Salsa dance grooves.

     We sing, dance and play multiple instruments. Our evening’s emcee will tie the event together for you with his explanations and demonstrations of the various Latin rhythms and country/era of origin.

     Learn... enjoy... be entertained... sit back and relax and watch 'em dance. Our "Dancing with the Stars" Latin Music Festival and Dance Exhibition, under the baton of America's premier Timbalero, Juan Escovedo, will bring you a little closer... to your "groove".

Barbara Bacon and Jose Rios

Audio: Salsa Groove-fest

Dancers: Adrian Bermudez and Valeriana Quevedo

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